Problem statement:

The regular appearance of peat islands on Schluchsee (the largest lake in Baden-Wurttemberg apart from Lake Constance) have important ecological and management implications. However, conflicting rumors about the prevalence and potential source of these peat islands must be reconciled to better understand their impact on the lake.

The aim of the work:

To quantify the prevalence of peat islands on Schluchsee and its long-term changes. Investigate claims that Nazi’s covered at least part of the lake with Peat during WWII. Investigate the relationship between peat islands and the management of the Schluchsee dam. Explore the potential implications of peat for the Schluchsee ecosystem.


Systematic/standardized detection of peat islands from the 1930’s to the present using google earth pro, spy satellite imagery, and aerial photographs. Literature search, interviews, and field visits.


Benjamin Kraemer


Benjamin Kraemer Tel. +49 (0)176 / 3014 1903


Basic GIS skills are advantageous but not necessary. Basic skills and resourcefulness in library research necessary.

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