Problem statement:

The train bridge near the Schluchsee train station offers a low cost monitoring platform for depth profile sampling of Schluchsee. However, it is unclear how spatially heterogeneous the Schluchsee is and whether samples from the floating bridge would be representative of the lake as a whole.

The aim of the work:

To regularly sample the Schluchsee as a basis for long-term limnological monitoring and site selection. Compile any and all publicly available limnological data from Schluchsee.


Field sampling from the train bridge and small, self-powered boats. Operation of GPS, water samplers, aquatic sensors.


Benjamin Kraemer


Benjamin Kraemer Tel. +49 (0)176 / 3014 1903


Field work, data analysis, GIS. Must be able to swim. Must be able to cover their own regular travel costs to and from Schluchsee.

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