Karst groundwater is an important source of drinking water in various regions of the world. Due to their strong heterogeneity, karst systems are often more dynamic than other hydrological systems. To guarantee sustainable water management, karst systems must be analyzed using special methods. Due to growing population pressure, drinking water from karst systems is playing an increasingly important role.

Scopes of the BSc thesis

The aim of this work is the analysis of runoff time series of different karst sources in different climatic areas with the aim to better understand the temporal variations of bed and storage dynamics with a special focus on the storage properties of the observed systems. Time series in daily or finer resolution in different climate regions are already available.


Systematic time series analysis, recession analysis, correlation analysis using Excel or R/Matlab/Python.


Andreas Hartmann und Tunde Olarinoye


English (also possible in German)


Goldscheider N, Drew D. Methods in Karst Hydrogeology. Leiden, NL: Taylor & Francis Group; 2007.

Ford DC, Williams PW. Karst Hydrogeology and Geomorphology. John Wiley & Sons; 2013.

Olarinoye, T., Marx, V., Hartmann, A.: Unravelling the hydrodynamic behavior of karst systems through comparative hydrology 2018 Eurokarst, Besançon France):

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