Relationships between drought impacts and water storage in two different (geological) regions in Europe

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The correlations between different drought indicators (e.g. SPI, SPEI) and the number of drought impact occurrences in Germany and England suggested that droughts propagate on different timescales through the hydrological system in both regions. The aggregation period of such drought indicators in combination with the occurrence of impacts might be a good first estimator of available water storage (and storage characteristics such as depletion rate and maximum storage) in regions with different geology.


This study hypothesizes that a relationship exists between i) drought impact occurrences, ii) meteorological drought indicators and iii) dynamic catchment storage. Additionally, the characteristics of this relationship might be explainable by the dominant geology or other catchment characteristics in each region. Kirchner (2009) presented a elegant method to derive a dynamic catchment storage solely from streamflow data. If the drought propagation and impact occurrence timescales in southern Germany are different from those in southeast England, then also differences in catchment storage between the two regions should be explorable. If so, different drought impact categories, but also the geology can be used as an explanation for different drought propagation timescales (e.g. Stoelzle, 2014).

Daten und Methoden

Extraction and analysis of drought impacts from the EDII (Germany, England). Analysis of streamflow data and application of the Kirchner-method to derive dynamic catchment storage. (Comparison of amount of impacts, drought indicator aggregation periods and storage depletion along two drought event in both regions (e.g. 2003, 1976, 1990))…


Drought impact database, programming (e.g.R, MATLAB), GIS, hydrological modeling


Michael Stölzle (, Tel: 203-67432), Sophie Bachmair


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