Simulation of Groundwater Inundation during the UK 2013 Floods (Simon Brenner)


During the large inundations in the UK 2013 many homes where exposed to groundwater flooding. Rapidly rising groundwater levels in high permerability bedrock (mostly Chalk) reached basements and the surface producing considerable damage.

Aims of the thesis

The student will adapt and apply a karst simulation model to simulate the floods in 2013 at the Piddle and Frome Catchments in Southern UK. After successfull caliration and evaluation the model simulated groundwater levels will be transferred into a digital elevation model to reproduce the spatiotempral dynamics of the uprising groundwater to finally procide a prediction tool to assess future inundation risk.


The student will use a previously programmed simulation model (VarKarst) and hydrological and hydrochemical data to set up the simulation model. The model code will be adapted to extract the necessary information and to translat it into inundation water levels within a digital elevation model


Andreas Hartmann, Nicholas Howden (University of Bristol, UK), Markus Weiler

Special notes

A visit to the second advisor at Bristol University is strongly recommended and support when applying for external travel funding (DAAD, International Office, Freunde der Universität, Förderverein, or similar) will be provided by Andreas Hartmann.

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