European drought risk(s)

The major focus of the project is to generate comparative drought risk maps on the basis of linking drought impacts, drought hazard indices and vulnerability information. Actually, a variety of different approaches to do this are on the market, for different scales, foci, and all based on different data. The basis of these studies will be data that is actually available on a pan-European scale, or at least several countries within Europe. Therefore impact information will have to be investigated at national level, considering: agricultural yields, forestry, hydropower production and public water supply an ecology. Various sources of information will have to be used e.g. impact reports, yield statistics from national governments, dendrochronological information, energy production rates. Hazard information will be provided by the European Drought Observatory and include the entire range their products. Vulnerability information will be based on an updated version of the sample used in Blauhut et al. 2016. On the basis of these data, the project is intended to elaborate adequate methods to identify drought risk, sector specific drought risk approaches and discuss the pro and cons of currently applied methods.

This Master thesis will be part of a comparative study of the Panta Rhei – Drought in the Anthropocene group (IAHS) and the Joint Research Centre (EU). MSc students from different countries are intended to follow the same guidelines/ structure of the proposed Master thesis. This will be the first study, hence, a major part will be the developement of methods. The students will be supervised cooperatively, student exchanges between participating institutes are encouraged.


Veit Blauhut, Panta Rhei Member (e.g. Gustavo Nauman)




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