A time dynamic GIS based recharge estimation method for Mediterranen karst regions (Lara Kirn)


GIS based recharge estimation methods are common tools to assess the spatial distrinbution of mean annual groundwater recharge rates (ratio of precipitation the is transformed into groundwater recharge). However, those methods lack a representation of the temporal dynamics of recharge, which limits they application to assess future recharge.

Aims of the thesis

A well established GIS base recharge estimation methods (APLIS) will be expanded by a soil routine that allows for time and rainfall dependent simulation of evaporation and downward percolation.


The student will add the new model routine to the recharge estimation method either in ArcGIS (Python) or in Matlab. The new methods will be tested and applied a karst aquifer in Southern Spain. The improved recharge estimation method will be used to assess the risk of fresh water scarcity at the nearby village that is supplied by the aquifer.


Andreas Hartmann, Matías Mudarra (University of Malaga, Spain)

Special notes

A visit to the second advisor at Malaga University is strongly recommended and support when applying for external travel funding (DAAD, International Office, Freunde der Universität, Förderverein, or similar) will be provided by Andreas Hartmann.

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